The Naked 2 Palette

I'm sure by now we're all very familiar with Urban Decay's Naked palettes, but it wasn't until this past weekend that I actually owned one.  Essentially everyone talks about how amazing they are, so I wasn't really worried about spending the $50 on a palette that I might not actually like, but what really kept me from taking the plunge was that I couldn't decide which one to get!  I finally chose the Naked 2 palette, because it seemed to have more matte shades than the original, but still has some really shimmery and glittery colors as well, so I can use this on an every day basis at work or bump it up for going out.

I haven't had this palette long enough to really do a full review on it, but I wore it today, and absolutely loved it!  If I remember correctly, I used Suspect on the inner half of my eye, then blended it out into YDK on the outer half, and finally used Snakebite in the crease.  I could not stop looking at my eyes the entire day, it was so pretty!  It honestly has already made such an impression, that I have a feeling if I remember to do a favorites video this month, this palette will be in it.  All the colors are so vibrant and lovely, I really don't know how you could go wrong with it.

As I said already, I really haven't had this long enough to do more than give you my first impression (love at first site), but I do want to quick talk about that eyeshadow brush you can see peeking out in the picture below.  I care more about the eyeshadows than this little brush, but I was really excited about this little dual ended brush.  It has a flat shader brush on one side, and a crease brush on the other, and seemed like it was really nice...until I tried it.  The shader end is amazing, but the crease brush is too firm for me.  Maybe once it's been washed it'll be better, but as for right now, I can't say that I'm a fan.  Of course, I might just be picky with crease brushes, too.  Who knows?

Luckily, the main item in this palette are the shadows, and I wanted to quick show you what they looked like before I let you go!

Foxy: cream bisque with matte finish
Half Baked: golden-bronze with shimmering finish
Bootycall: shimmering cork
Chopper: copper shimmer with silver microglitter
Tease: creamy pale brown with matte finish
Snakebite: dark bronze with metallic base

Suspect: pale golden beige with shimmering finish
Pistol: light grey-brown with shimmering finish
Verve:  oyster with shimmering finish
YDK: cool bronze shimmer with metallic base
Busted: deep brown with shimmering finish
Blackout: blackest black with matte finish